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DATING ADVICE: John Cole gives

DATING ADVICE: John Cole gives advice for college-age girls dating thirty-something guys.

I’m not sure about the Frampton reference, but I like what he plays it on. Other than that, anybody with that good a taste in music (Miles, Brubeck, the Allmans) and movies is worth listening to. Particularly when he says:

13. ) Reagan still rules- he scared the living sh*t out of damn near a billion communists. I don’t care what your stupid middle school teacher told you.

14.) Liking your Jack Russsel more than you like other people is not only completely rational, but totally understandable.

(Found via VodkaPundit.)

UPDATE: Just read Cole’s blog further, and discovered he was Sgt. Stryker’s one-time partner in blogging, Sgt. Schultz! Man, first Stryker reveals his secret identity, then Schultz. Who’s next? Batman? Superman? UThant?