Ed Driscoll


BUSH ON GLOBAL WARMING: I can’t help but think that this recent post by Matt Drudge is another example of the Bush team trying to take another issue away from the Democrats (and if so, it’s further proof that the Bush team is well aware of who their likely nominee is going to be). The problem is, how does Bush get away with this kind of stuff without alienating his base–the people who voted for him because of how much they feared Al Gore? (See Steve Den Beste’s recent post on the subject of global warming. I suspect that a lot of people who voted for Bush agree with Den Beste’s excellent take on this issue.)

I know that Bush 43 is trying to take away as many issues as possible from the Democrats, in an effort to not be a one-termer like his dad. But by doing so, he risks alienating his base–ironically, the very thing that got Bush 41 in serious trouble in his reelection bid.

Very troubling stuff, this. Jonah’s right–I admire Dubya’s efforts to fight terrorism, but I miss the pre-9/11 Bush.

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds has assembled a variety of views from the blogosphere on this topic–click here to read ’em.