Ed Driscoll


AS OPPOSED TO WHAT HE’S BEEN DOING FOR THE LAST TWENTY YEARS? The BBC has an article titled “Bono makes a grab for US purse strings“, complete with a photo of Mr. Vox and US Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill in nightshirts borrowed from the Marx Brothers in “Duck Soup”.

And why is a US treasury secretary touring Africa with a rock star? And if he must tour with a rock star, why not Britney Spears? Jennifer Lopez? Somebody both American and babelicious?

And finally, what does The Edge think of all this? He’s Irish. He’s in U2. He goes by only one name (unless he counts “The” as his first name–I’ll ask to see his driver’s license next I see him). Why doesn’t he get to discuss third world debt relief with treasury secretaries who should know better??

UPDATE: Drudge links to a larger view of the photo of Bono and and O’Neill as Groucho and Chico.

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