“FORTUYN TOLD OF EUROPE’S FUTURE”. Jonah Goldberg’s take on Pim Fortuyn and his assignation, from The Washington Times:

The overplaying of Le Pen and the underplaying of Fortuyn stem from the same elite ignorance about what is going on in Europe, and to a certain extent, in America. Mass immigration, especially from Muslim countries, is dividing Western societies across the ideological spectrum.

Pim Fortuyn, who was shot five times on Monday apparently by a fringe environmentalist left-winger, was a rising political star who championed homosexual rights, favored the legalization of many drugs and the further liberalization of Holland’s euthanasia laws.

Yes, Fortuyn was also for lower taxes and looked at the European Union with skepticism, but those positions alone don’t get you called a “fascist,” even in Europe. Indeed, Fortuyn was an openly gay man, something you don’t normally associate with the forces of reaction. But Fortuyn was called a fascist



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