Ed Driscoll


HOLOGRAPHIC DVDS: It sounds way cool, if not the same as the three-dimensional holograms of the 1970s (I seem to recall “Logan’s Run” using holograms in one or two scenes), but according to this article on Yahoo! News, “InPhase Technologies, an offshoot of Lucent Technologies ‘ research arm Bell Labs, will be showing the first commercial holographic video recorder at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show on April 8 in Las Vegas.”

The device uses the company’s Tapestry technology to hold 100GB of data on a single CD-sized write-once disc as a succession of 1.3MB holograms. That’s enough for 20 full-length movies, or 30 minutes of uncompressed high-resolution video.

The first product is aimed at professional video editing, effects and archival use, with initial production at the end of 2003 and full manufacturing in 2004.