Ed Driscoll


WELCOME NEWCOMERS FROM OPRAH! The Wall Street Journal is reporting that “talk-show hostess Oprah Winfrey is ending Oprah’s Book Club, a monthly feature that provided a huge boost in sales to the authors lucky enough to be featured on the show.”

Clearly, the viewers of Oprah now have a void in their leisure time. And we stand here, ready to fill it! (Actually, we’re sitting down. Sometimes we don’t wear socks. Other times, we don’t wear pants. But then, on the Internet, nobody knows this. Unless you tell them, like I just did. Where was I? Oh yeah…)

For those of you who are here because you now have nothing to read, welcome! We’re here to keep you up to date on the tastiest links on the Internet, on this page. For more to read, you’ll find a list of articles and essays I’ve written on the left (when I’m not wearing pants, I’m also a freelance journalist for a variety of magazines), as well as links to numerous other sites on the Web.

If it’s those old-school, dead tree style books you’re in the mood for, click on the Amazon banner below. There you’ll find an unlimited supply of material to chose from, from our friends at Amazon.com. Used books? Visit Bookfinder.com. Need some help choosing a title? Stop by the Brothers Judd, and search their hundreds of reviews of books, many often more intellectually stimulating than Oprah’s choices!

And then stop back here. Because I know that losing a trusted source of book recommendations is difficult. But we’ll get through this together.