Ed Driscoll


ARTHUR ANDERSEN STARTING TO CRUMBLE IN THE US: In the very early Cro-Magnon days of this site, just when our pixels were beginning to walk upright (oh, about three weeks ago), we mentioned the rumors that the rapidly asphixiating accounting firm formally known as Arthur Andersen was about to be aquired by Deloitte & Touche.

A story on Yahoo! News says:

Paring down operations to raise revenue and trying to stay alive, Andersen announced a tentative agreement Thursday with Deloitte & Touche for a “significant” number of its U.S. tax partners and professionals to join the rival firm.

I’d say “advantage Ed”, but this one could be seen coming a mile away, its sodium-vapor highbeam doublefront maximum headlines gleaming in the tunnel. When the Enron scandal first broke, Glenn Reynolds described Enron as a potential meta-scandal, infecting everybody. Here’s one of the first suspects to get nuked from the fallout.