Ed Driscoll


MICHAEL JACKSON AND PEDOPHILIA: The Internet Movie Database’s Movie and TV News has this article today, which Uthant could have lots of fun with:

An episode of a British comedy show that drew the anger of numerous child advocacy groups as well as the censure of two regulatory agencies provoked new controversy Monday when it was nominated for an award by the British Academy of Film and Television. After the nominated episode, which satirized the media’s treatment of pedophilia, was aired last August, the country’s Independent Television Commission and the Broadcasting Standards Commission issued orders to the network to apologize for airing the program. Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell charged that it contributed to the destruction of “all the boundaries of decency on television.” In response, Channel 4’s then CEO, Michael Jackson, defended the program and said, “We would not hesitate to … transmit such a program again.” On Monday, Britain’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children issued a statement expressing “regret that a program that trivializes the abuse of children should be considered worthy of an award.”

OK, so it’s not that Michael Jackson. But it is a weird coincidence, isn’t it?