Ed Driscoll


FIRST SGT. STRYKER, NOW GROUP CAPTAIN LIONEL MANDRAKE: My friend Steve Bail, an Englishman who has worked in Silicon Valley in the recent past, and no doubt will again, has started a blog, called A letter from the Olde Countrie, using the nom de blog of Wing Commander Lionel Mandrake, AFC, CBE, RAF, from Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove. In one of his early posts, he mentions all the things we lowly colonists do wrong.

But, you know what? In all my travels (and I have travelled qute a bit of this planet), I have never found so much energy. In everything they do here, the attitude is “Can do, now!”

It is sometimes said that Silicon Valley drives the US economy, which is not quite true. What is true is that they are trying things, thinking things, and doing things out here that much of the rest of the world will be doing when we’ve (I can say we – I work out here) finished ironing out the bugs.

Steve, whose knowledge of HTML is far greater than mine, has been a tremendous help in putting together my site, (and was instrumental in creating the little minibanner of mine that now adorns the Brothers Judd site), looks like he has a fun site started. Stop by there soon.

Oh, and Sug, don’t forget to say your prayers.