Meanwhile, Back at TNR

I posted this as an update to last night’s item on the new New Republic, but if you haven’t seen this story yet, it’s worth spotlighting here as well. Given that the new TNR is now promising to be “free of party ideology or partisan bias,” presumably, the magazine recently installed a much more finely-honed office-wide BS detector than it was using in the past, right?


No, of course not: “Oops! The New Republic tweets parody site ‘proof’ of Obama shooting skeet, quickly deletes.” (Two guesses as to which of his favorite pastimes Obama was engaged in, when he was photoshopped holding a shotgun.)

As Ace writes, “TNR’s goof here (apparently duplicated by the brain trust at Buzzfeed) is superficially laughable — until you realize the mindset that produced it (and will continue to produce the same error until the end of time itself) is no laughing matter at all.”

Read the whole thing.


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