No Really, Stick to Golfing

Now is the time at Ed when we juxtapose:

So, I wonder, where is the criticism of Obama? His new “country first” campaign theme isn’t an off-the-cuff gaffe; it’s been vetted, tweaked, and (I suspect) focus-grouped by the White House and the Obama campaign. And he’s not simply running for president; Barack Obama is president. And he’s saying that people who disagree with him don’t care about the country. Indeed, he explains at great length that our political system is “broken” because he can’t have his way — which, don’t ya know, is the American way.


Jonah Goldberg on Friday.

A vacationing U.S. President Barack Obama accused Congress on Saturday of holding back the U.S. economic recovery by blocking “common sense” measures he said would create jobs and help growth.

Reuters, today.

(Concept via SDA.)


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