Tim Takes The Mickey Out Of Murder Mouse

Tim Blair looks at the last days of Farfour The Mouse, Hamas television’s psychotic answer to Disney’s beloved Mickey:

Anyway, Farfour’s unfortunate real estate deal was still under way when the show cut to its teenage girl co-host, who announced Farfour had been martyred while defending his land; 72 virgins for Farfour.

A young female viewer phoned in. “We don’t like the Jews because they are dogs!” she railed. “We will fight them! They killed Farfour!”

Add that to the list of Islamic grievances against Jews and the West.

It’s interesting that the same infantile loathing of their perceived enemies as demonstrated by Farfour’s mourners also exists in the well-educated and comfortably employed types behind recent UK terror attempts.

Following 9/11, many sought to find so-called “root causes” for Islamic fury. A popular theory had it that “poverty breeds terrorism”




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