Which Kind Of Bipartisanship Will Emerge?

Newt Gingrich writes that President Bush has a choice to make:

The election results pose two enormous strategic choices for America. First, the obvious outcome of a Democratic-controlled Congress and a Republican White House is the need for bipartisan cooperation in order to get anything done. The key question is: Which kind of bipartisanship will emerge? Will there be a Ronald Reagan approach to bipartisanship which appeals to the conservative majority of the House? Or will there be an establishment bipartisanship which cuts deals between liberals and the White House?


That proved to be a two-edged sword for his father, who was able to (barely) achieve a majority to approve the liberation of Kuwait, but at the cost of raising taxes, with first fueled the minor recession of 1991, and then created a cudgel for the Democrats to use against him in 1992.


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