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Hugh Hewitt points to this comment on Roger L. Simon’s Weblog to put the L.A. Times’ pro-North Korean piece into perspective:

Imagine if the LAT had printed this story in the 70’s……. “South Africa Without the Rancor” As I was travelling in Kenya I came across this South African buisnessman. He did not want to give out his name. We talked of the current strain in relations between South Africa and the rest of the world. “The press is always so negative. Every story is bad, bad, bad. Every country has human rights problems, is your country perfect? We are just like everyone else, we marry, we love, we fight, were charitable. You can’t impose your western standards on everyone, we are differnt and we should be allowed our own expression of government. We come from a tribal society and we have needed strong leaders and the idea of democracy is foreign to us. Our blacks have their own autonomous states within the South African structure and they really don’t want independence or equality. Our blacks thrive under our strong leadership and Botha is really no different then any tribal king. It is the constant agression of the west that is the cause of friction between us”

If this crap was printed at the time the LA Times would have been forced to fire it’s entire news division.


Hugh has other examples of the Times’ pro-North Korean biases on his blog.

Update: He’s also heard back from the author of the Times piece in question, and fisks her response within an inch of its life.


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