LIMBAUGH TO ESPN? In other football news, Matt Drudge is reporting that Rush Limbaugh will be joining ESPN’s NFL Sunday Countdown pre-game show each Sunday this fall, where he will provide “a two-minute essay near the top of each show and participate in discussions during the show, sources say.”


This should be fun. Limbaugh will go on each week, and discuss nothing but football. Meanwhile, his detractors will start foaming at the mouth at what an evil, vile, racist, awful, dangerous, psychotic Nazi he is. Sort of a dispersed version of the how James Taranto described what the protests outside the Republican convention in New York will be like.

UPDATE: Here’s more, in a surprisingly low-key Reuters piece.

UPDATE: By the way, will anyone who bashes Limbaugh note that Gregg Easterbrook of the liberal New Republic has been writing a column on ESPN’s Website for over a year? (This one, where he ties himself into knots of liberal guilt over the Washington Redskins’ team name, is a classic.)

UPDATE: Here’s Limbaugh’s own page, with his announcement.


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