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Is America Fair to Men?

Is America Fair to Men?
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If you watched Judge Kavanaugh on Fox News trying to defend himself against charges of sexual misconduct while stating that America is “about fairness,” you had to wonder how fair America is towards men. At any time, any man in America can have his life and career destroyed by any willing woman.

As one of the professors in my book Men on Strike stated, “Men’s rights go only as far as a woman’s honesty.” This is the reality in today’s America, not fairness. Men are already presumed guilty, especially if they are from the wrong political party or are deemed expendable.

All one has to do to see examples of how our culture and justice system presume men and boys to be guilty is to read some of the articles here at PJ Media from moms. For example, Sarah Hoyt has a piece titled “When Every Boy Is Guilty, Every Girl Becomes a Monster,” in which she says:

We’re handing females weapons with which to destroy innocent males. I don’t care what the imbalance of power was in the past: no male alive is responsible for how people lived 100 years ago. And there were reasons (biological, mostly) for that imbalance of power, which had nothing to do with men being “oppressors.”

We’re turning females into monsters.

We’re making it impossible for the next generation to marry and raise healthy children.

This is the way civilization ends, not with a bang but with a “he touched me, decades ago, at a party occurring in a place and time I can’t recall.” And all of society plays along, treats this as credible

Megan Fox has a piece called “How to ‘Christine Blasey Ford-Proof’ Your Son”:

Mothers of sons everywhere should be terrified by the constant destruction of men by duplicitous, lying women and an overzealous and political Senate confirmation process. All a scheming broad has to do these days is claim that your son touched her inappropriately more than two decades ago and she can derail his career.

From boys in school to men in politics, every guy is at risk; many just don’t know it. They think if they are innocent or keep their head down, justice and the American people will prevail. That’s just not true in America anymore, if it ever was.

Now, more than ever, we must fight back for men and boys who deserve better. We cannot let a small segment of the population turn due process on its head and presume guilt first and innocence as an afterthought. Don’t let their hate change the course of our justice system.

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