Dr. Helen

Self-Deprecating Humor is Linked to Well-Being, Study Finds

I thought this was an interesting study on the link between self-deprecating humor and well-being:

Frequent use of self-deprecating humour has been linked to a better overall psychological wellbeing, a study has discovered.

When you hear someone making fun of themselves, you would usually assume that they’re doing so to conceal their insecurities.

However, a recent study has found that the opposite may be the case; that making yourself the butt of your jokes actually demonstrates greater levels of happiness and self-assurance.

University of Granada researchers from the Mind, Brain and Behaviour Research Centre (CIMCYC) decided to explore different kinds of humour to determine whether a person’s comedic streak is connected to the way in which they cope with anger….

The use of self-enhancing humour allows people to overcome unpleasant situations by allowing them to find the humour and silver lining in any circumstance.


The article and study also noted that self-deprecating humor can be linked to suppressed anger but I suspect that healthier people sublimate their anger about a situation into self-deprecation to deal with that anger. Self-deprecation used in the right way can be endearing and cause other people to feel more at ease, while those who are grandiose and blame others often alienate others.

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