Dr. Helen

Interesting Observation

I just got back from NYC and on the flight up and back, CNN was blaring from the speakers and TVs in the terminal. One is held captive to whatever is on the news station and CNN seems to have that market cornered at many major airports. Frankly, it’s annoying. There are many reasons people don’t want to hear CNN, or any news for that matter. Say, you are a couple of frazzled bloggers who want to stay away from politics for a few days. Well, no such chance once you hit the airport where CNN never sleeps.

Anyhow, once on the plane with the screens in the seat in front of you, CNBC was the channel that played automatically. Again, another left-leaning station that one is forced to have on until the plane is moving. Once the plane was up in the air and I could turn off my screen altogether, I looked around to see what other people were watching. Of the people who were watching news, most of my (small) sample had on Fox News. Of course, it could be that someone flying out of NYC on business to Knoxville is more likely to watch Fox than say, on a trip from NYC to LA.

But, it was interesting how many business people were watching Fox. Next time I go to LA from a more liberal city, I will see if Fox is still the news of choice if left to passengers discretion. It doesn’t seem fair that liberal news is given such access, while the small minority of anything else (basically Fox News) doesn’t get the same play.

I wonder, if given the choice, would more airline passengers choose Fox over CNN?