Would You Uninvite Relatives to Thanksgiving Over Politics?

There has been much discussion about people uninviting relatives to Thanksgiving because of election results this year. In this USA Today article, people are upset that relatives are dissing their political views on social media:


Sarah-Jane Cunningham knew that her Facebook posts about the election were rubbing her family the wrong way, but she didn’t realize the posts would get her uninvited from Thanksgiving dinner.

The 19-year-old said her mother called a week before Thanksgiving and confronted her about the Facebook posts regarding President-elect Donald Trump.

“She asked me if I was going to be disrespectful to my family, and I told her that it could work either way, Cunningham said. “If the things I am saying are disrespectful to Trump supporters, the things they are saying are also disrespectful to me.”

Cunningham’s response got her uninvited to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner in Maine. She said that while her mom later called and tried to make things right, it was too late and she plans to hang out with her two cats in Boston on Thanksgiving.

And she won’t be the only one whose political views earned them the a spot on the uninvited list at family Thanksgiving.

On Twitter, Trump and Clinton supporters-alike shared their stories about getting uninvited from Thanksgiving.


One commenter to the article pointed out that it depended on what Ms. Cunningham said in her Facebook posts. If she made personal insults or called people names in her posts, then this is not really acceptable to family. If, on the other hand, she just pointed out that she was sorry Trump won or gave political reasons why she voted Hillary or Bernie or whoever, it might not be so bad.

What do you think? Would you disinvite someone to your Thanksgiving or have you been uninvited because of your politics?


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