Dr. Helen

Elizabeth Warren Wants Men to 'Share the Pain'

At least this is what her new book, The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Parents Are (Still) Going Broke, discusses. This free book came in the mail so no, I did not spend money on this book.

However, I did open it up to a chapter called “Going It Alone in a Two-Income World,” which discusses a model for divorce put forth by activists for single mothers:

Several family law reformers have embraced what we call Share-the-Pain model, whose “ultimate goal is for all family members to emerge from a marital breakdown with roughly equal standards of living, so that no one, specifically children and those who care for them, suffers disproportionately from the failure of the marriage.” According to this approach, if the mothers and children live at twice the poverty rate, then so should the ex-husband.”

Now, to be fair, Warren does acknowledge that this plan may not work and that many men are poor themselves and struggling to pay support while living in poverty themselves. But that said, she and her sick ilk seem to see men’s only purpose in life as making sure women are doing well financially. As long as a single woman has what she needs financially, then this is the only measure of success. Naturally, more government help for families such as free day care and disability payments are the answer here.

Well, at least that doesn’t include the continued fleecing of men, but it presents its own problem of how to pay for all the government subsidies. Such views make marriage or having children for men a dicey proposition. His life is seen as belonging to the state and the ex-wife. As more men opt out of marriage and go on strike, the only ones left in pain will be women who will shoulder most of the burden alone or with a government that cannot possibly give them everything they need. As more men flee, women will share the pain in ways that Warren cannot imagine — but maybe Andrea Tantaros can.