Dr. Helen

Ranking the Presidential Candidates: Is 'The Donald' an Alpha?

Vox Day and a reader analyze the presidential candidates in terms of their sociosexual rankings:

A reader sends in his analysis. It’s pretty much how I read them myself.

Donald Trump: Alpha. His mug is featured on the dictionary definition of the term. And whenever the media (or Jeb) try to make him out as whiny or petulant, video footage of the events in question invariably show him remaining calm and cool, every single time….

Jim Webb, Lincoln Chafee: Low Deltas, or high Gammas. But honestly, what psychologically healthy white male would be a Democrat politician these days, anyway?

I know, I know, these rankings are a bit silly and put people into narrow boxes, but there is a grain of truth to them.

What is your take of the candidates –alpha, delta, gamma or beta? Or are these descriptions inaccurate?