Dr. Helen

Is OCD now Trendy?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is now considered a status symbol:

Obsessive compulsive disorder – or OCD – appears to be the trendiest affliction you can claim to have.

The psychological condition can be devastating, causing unpleasant, anxiety-inducing thoughts as well as repetitive behaviours and obsessive habits, such as repeatedly washing your hands or checking that doors and windows are locked.

Celebrities, of course, are not immune to mental health problems and some genuinely suffer from the disorder – but many others admit to ‘self-diagnosing’ and speak of this distressing affliction so flippantly that it sounds as if they’re simply talking about the latest fad diet.

Daily Mail psychiatrist Dr Max Pemberton has written of his frustration at those who trivialise the condition by claiming to suffer from it in an apparent attempt to seem more interesting and quirky.

It seems like OCD and going vegan are the big trends right now, especially for younger women. They are status markers for other hipster types to let them know you belong to their tribe. Neither of these trends seem all that healthy.