Dr. Helen

Some Great Gadgets for Washing Windows

I am sick and tired of trying to find people who will show up to do handyman chores around the house and have taken to doing some of the work myself. This means that I am always searching the internet and Amazon for gadgets that will allow more self sufficiency at home. That said, I was a bit skeptical when my husband Glenn ordered some gadgets from Amazon that are supposed to be able to reach high windows. As someone who has purchased a number of “seen on TV” gadgets that never work, I wondered if this one would. It far surpassed my expectations.

Glenn bought this Mr. Long Arm 3212 Pro-Pole Extension Pole, 6-to-12-Feet and the Mr. Long Arm 1002 ProDesign Window Washing System. They arrived quickly from Amazon and were a snap to put together.

From the description:

The Mr. Long Arm Extension Pro-Pole will help professional and do-it-yourselfers get the job done fast. The two-section pole extends from 3 feet to 6 feet. This size pole is ideal for a variety of uses. The pole is made of a smooth fiberglass exterior handle with a heavy duty tri-oval aluminum slider. This provides excellent rigidity and is anodized to prevent rust, provide a smoother glide when extended and has a fluted round fiberglass handle for a better grip. The universal threads are die cast and fit most standard threaded tools. The Nylar universal threaded end fits most standard threaded tools. The compressed mechanism locks at any extended length. The coarse threads provide quick lock and unlock and prevent over-tightening. The end cap has a hole for peghook or easy storage.

The washing system attached to the pole easily and had one tool for cleaning and a squeegee for drying. We used vinegar and water mixed in a bucket as was recommended and in about 15 minutes, some of the higher windows in our house were amazingly clean with no streaks.

I would say it would make a great gift for a spouse, but we all know it’s politically incorrect to give a woman anything that suggests she might clean around the house. But for those of you who don’t care or if you want to wash your own windows, give it a try.