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Will My Geek Son Be a Sexist Jerk?

No, probably not, but it is good to know that the author of this story (thanks, Terry), who is about to have a boy baby, has already shown herself to be a sexist jerk:

As I’m writing this, I’m eight months pregnant with my first child—it’s a boy. Huzzah!

Funnily enough, I was convinced I was having a girl, and was mentally preparing to raise the most kick-ass, geeky girl imaginable. Her room would be vintage sci-fi, fixed with all the geeky baby gear I could get my hands on.....

A daughter would need to know how to protect herself from sexism and fight injustice. But a son does not require this protection, and his privilege allows him to ignore injustice—or think that he can ignore it. But sexism is still a threat to him, in that he could very well become a perpetrator of it.

How, I’m wondering, can I protect him?

As commenters to the article are already pointing out, Terra Clarke Olsen, the author of this piece, is already pre-judging her unborn child and has him pegged as a potential perp before he is even born -- and she thinks it is girls who suffer from sexism.

Maybe this horrible woman has to make a living or something and writes terrible things about a little baby that can't fight back and probably won't fight back against women like this due to cultural conditioning. She ends the piece with a quote from another parent saying about his five- year-old son: “I see this age as the perfect opportunity to (for better or worse) influence his worldview. That’s my job. If he grows up to be an a**hole, that’s on me. I’ve failed him.” Wow, if he has a daughter, does he say, "Hope she doesn't grow up to be a slut!"? I really doubt it. Is this the way to treat any five year old--to think of him as a potential a**hole just for being male?

I hope I am wrong and this author's poor kid will see mom for the terrible man-hating person that she is, but that is unlikely to happen. Kids naturally love mom, no matter what; it must be biological.