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New Website: Women for Men

Suzanne Venker, author of The War on Men has put up a new website for both men and women. Here is the description:

We at WFM believe men are, like women, autonomous beings entitled to justice and equality and the pursuit of happiness and male identity. We are therefore committed to honoring masculinity—as well as to bringing the sexes together by highlighting the strength, not the limitation, of gender differences. Such differences are necessary for both families and society.

It’s time to stop pitting women and men against one another. This is not only wrong, it’s counterproductive. By focusing on both sexes, everyone wins.

So far, the founders of the site are Suzanne, myself, Warren Farrell and Christina Hoff Sommers. The idea is have a site of resources for men and the women who care where they can look for sources of legal help, support and even guest blog and speak out against misandry and injustice. Hope you like the site and/or add suggestions if you wish.