Republicans: Don't Let the Media and Liberals Demoralize You

I was reading over at HotAir that the life ratings of Republicans have collapsed: “If you’re feeling completely demoralized about the future, you are not alone” says AllahPundit. I headed over to the Gallup poll to view the data on the state of Republican’s feelings of their future and read this:


Republicans’ ratings of their lives worsened significantly in November, with their collective Life Evaluation Index score dropping to 40.3, from 47.0 in October. Independents’ life ratings also declined last month, but to a lesser degree. Democrats became slightly more upbeat — their Life Evaluation Index score climbed to 56.9, from 53.7 in October….

The decline in Republicans’ overall Life Evaluation Index score is due entirely to a drop in how they rate their future life. Republicans became much more pessimistic in November about how good they think their lives will be five years from now. They rated their lives five years from now an average of 7.0 last month — the lowest for this group on record.

Republicans’ future life rating also now about matches their current life rating of 6.9. This is out of synch with the typical pattern — most people tend to rate their future life higher than their current life.

I wonder how much the media and the liberal hatred of Republicans plays into the current Republican angst. It’s almost as if Republicans are the new Jews of yesteryear where any vile dirty thing can be said about them with little blowback and less truth. The media blames Republicans for every ill that comes down the pike. A storm in the Northeast? Damn Republicans caused it. You aren’t making the money you once did? A Republican did that to you. A violent young man kills 27? That Republican sitting next to you is somehow to blame. That’s what the media wants people to believe and because people are eager for a scapegoat, many listen without critical thought.


I am always surprised at those people who consider themselves intelligent, well-meaning “empathetic” types who think nothing of tossing out some nasty crack about Republicans –whether at the holiday table, in the classroom or in line at the supermarket. It puts people on the opposite side of the political fence on the defense and makes for an antagonistic atmosphere, one that is growing more hostile by the day. I used to think that people should try to be “tolerant” and not get too upset by the jabs. I was wrong.

Here is my advice: rather than just take it and fill out a poll saying you are demoralized, fight back. Even if you feel uncomfortable, even if you might wreck the holiday party, and even if it means you might be open to hostility like you have never seen before, speak up. Or, if you don’t want to talk politics, just say so and say that this type of talk makes you feel uncomfortable. If you are with friends or family and they don’t understand this, how important can they be in your life? If your well-being is that unimportant to them, why bother? Perhaps next year, you need to spend the holidays in Barbados if you can or at least in the company of those who don’t see your politics as evil.

The holidays can be a hard time of year for those of us on the right side of the aisle. The media sides with the emotionally abusive liberal when it comes to politics and this gives many liberals free rein to feel they are entitled to say anything without penalty. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t be demoralized about your future, for we are 47% strong and though we are not the majority at this point, no condition is permanent.  As a sign that I recently saw up at a local church said: “Every storm runs out of rain.  Hang in there.”



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