Dr. Helen

Should Men Join the Military?

I have been thinking about this question lately, especially given how female-centric our society has become. In the US today, men are often treated as second-class citizens, stripped of rights afforded to a common criminal, and masculinity itself is constantly on trial. I wrote a post a while back asking readers how to “Go Galt” in a female-centered society, and some readers mentioned avoiding the military as one possible way. If Western civilization is under assault and men are seen as the cause of all that is evil here, why should those men fight for the very culture that says they are not worth as much as other citizens and devalues them as human beings because of their sex?

So my question to readers (as I would like your opinion) is: Should men join the military to protect the very government and its citizens who see them as second class citizens or are there good reasons for joining up?