Dr. Helen

Is "Brotox" a Good Idea for Men?

Apparently, more men these days are getting “Brotox” (a mixture of the words “brother” and “botox” if you are wondering) to keep up their competitive edge in the job world according to this news article from Dallas/Fort Worth:

There are men in D/FW who are walking around with a big secret –– for them, it’s key to staying successful and fresh in today’s highly competitive job market.

Dallas businessman Don Pelham falls into this group. He says looking good is part of what keeps business booming.

“I usually get guessed for much younger than my age,” he said.

But, at 47-years old, Pelham says it’s become harder to stay fresh in his highly competitive field….

Image consultant Valerie Sokolosky says first impressions are everything when it comes to securing new business or a new job.

“Women can have a new hairdo, do some color, or make up,” she said. “It’s not as easy for men.”

She says men of a certain age have to be open to new ideas in order to rise above the rest.

The comments to the article are interesting and observant, for example, one commenter says:

america focuses on the superficial and wonders why it is going down the drain.

And another says:

Notice the irony here: Dr. Adelglass is quite clearly older and in worse physical shape than Don Pelham, yet *he* is the one giving the treatment. The lesson learned here is quite valuable, yet simple: choose your profession wisely!

What do you think of “Brotox?” Necessary for men or too metro-sexual or something else?