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EgyptAir 804 and the Election of 2016

Although many or most are atheists or agnostics, the leaders of the Democratic Party—not to mention their candidates—must be saying at least a dozen "Hail Marys" and a whole bunch of "Our Fathers" that there won't be any major terror attacks between now and November. Anything of significance and Donald Trump could waltz into the White House by acclamation. (A Fox News poll shows voters prefer Trump over Clinton 50-42 on terrorism.)

It may have happened already. If the EgyptAir 804 crash is shown to be an act of terrorism (unclear, though highly possible, at this point), a lot of people will be having second thoughts about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Hillary has tied herself to Obama's botched (to put it mildly) foreign policy and Bernie thinks the real terrorists are in Prada suits at Goldman Sachs.

Terrorism obviously can't be blamed exclusively on the Democrats, but the bizarre behavior of our president from refusing to call Islamic terrorism Islamic or even radical Islamic or fundamentalist Islamic or anything remotely Islamic to lecturing Christians on the Crusades when ISIS is beheading Christians on a beach now bespeaks a man who is psychologically threatened with the situation in ways he has not even begun to face.

Donald Trump has no such problem. He is, if anything, too quick to blame terrorism, although, running for office, it's hardly surprising he immediately tweeted "Looks like yet another terrorist attack. Airplane departed from Paris. When will we get tough, smart and vigilant? Great hate and sickness!"

And no wonder Josh Earnest rushed to remind the press corps of the administration's "great success" against ISIS, or ISIL, as they invariably call the terror state, a preference of interest only to those like Ben "Mind Meld" Rhodes who live in the insular world of the president. Never mind that ISIS is currently "tearing Iraq apart."

But this isn't finally about ISIS or al Qaeda or any of the groups that are fungible in a matter of minutes, literally, but of the religious ideology that spawns them all, the very ideology Obama (and Hillary, pathetically and slavishly) will not name or admit.