Forget Trump — What Really Should Be Done about Muslim Immigration

As half the world knows by now, Donald Trump has gone "Full Monty" on Muslim immigration, calling for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States."

That's our Donald -- never a master of understatement! (But he certainly knows how to make monkeys out of the media -- kudos for that.)

Like most commentators, however, I don't agree with him -- I support the Constitution and its freedoms -- but to deny we have a gigantic Muslim problem in this country and in the world is to be a troglodyte of epic proportions.  Something has to be done, domestically and internationally, even if it's not Donald's "Full Monty."

But since this is about immigration, let's deal with the domestic side for a moment.

The source of the conundrum is not just Syrian refugees; it's the entire Middle East. Almost all people visiting or immigrating from the area are potential jihadists, not to mention other Muslims across the world from Western Europe to Indonesia. This isn't racial profiling -- it's reality.  The husband and wife fanatics who wreaked havoc in San Bernardino did time in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, both of which masquerade as allies. Despite what might seem like red flags in their backgrounds, the couple passed blithely into this country without incident.

The wife, apparently, even gave a place of birth in Pakistan that is non-existent. Was there actually any real vetting? Our border people all should spend some time in Israel, learning how you do these things. Obviously, they don't know. In this sense, Trump is entirely correct. At present, our border security is nearly worthless.

The FBI isn't a whole lot better. They're now claiming the couple was "radicalized." What does that mean? Not much. In fact, it's meaningless. The wife at least came from a culture where the process of Islamic anti-Western indoctrination begins essentially at birth. If you think that is an exaggeration, spend ten minutes at If Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook were "radicalized," then literally hundreds of millions have been.

How many such people have infiltrated our country? The indisputable answer is that nobody knows.

So what is to be done?