Former Obama Tech Guy Was Behind 2018 Midterm Disinformation Campaign on Facebook

Former Obama administration official Mikey Dickerson. Image via YouTube.

It’s often been said that if you want to know what Democrats are up to, pay attention to the lies they are telling about Republicans.

Did the Trump team collude with agents from a Russian internet firm to place fake news on Facebook designed to stoke outrage, benefiting Trump in the run-up to the 2016 election?


Or …  did Democrat operatives funded by a left-wing tech billionaire use Russian disinformation tactics on Facebook to stoke outrage, benefiting Democrats in the run-up to the 2018 midterm election?

The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson has the answer to that question:

Democratic operatives funded by left-wing tech billionaire Reid Hoffman ran a widespread campaign using misleading Facebook pages in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections, The Daily Caller News Foundation has found.

American Engagement Technologies (AET), which was founded by former Obama administration official Mikey Dickerson, bought ads for two Facebook pages, “The Daily Real” and “Today’s Nation,” encouraging Republican voters to stay home in the midterm elections, Facebook’s ad archives show.

Both pages appear to be designed to give the impression that they were operated by frustrated conservatives rather than by Democratic operatives.

The American flag-adorned pages encouraged conservative voters to either stay home in November or vote for Democrats to punish Republicans for being insufficiently conservative. Other ads called polls predicting a “blue wave” in the 2018 elections “unreliable” and downplayed the election’s importance.

The misleading ads collectively garnered millions of impressions on Facebook, TheDCNF’s review of Facebook’s archives found.


If the name Mikey Dickerson rings a bell, it’s because his AET firm was also behind the Hoffman-funded “Project Birmingham,” a deceptive social media campaign that used Russian disinformation methods against Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate special election in 2017. The attorney general of Alabama is looking into this liberal scheme and whether it impacted the election.

Dickerson is also behind the invasive “Vote With Me” mobile app pushed by Democrats to “nudge” fellow Democrats to the polls during the midterms.

Silicon Valley billionaire and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman last month apologized for donating $750,000 to Dickerson’s false-flag Moore operation. “I would not have knowingly funded a project planning to use such tactics, and would have refused to invest in any organization that I knew might conduct such a project. Nevertheless, I do have an apology to make and have learned a lesson here.”

AET’s operations in the 2018 midterm elections show that the Hoffman-funded group aggressively placed ads on social media designed to suppress Republican voter turnout.

Some of the ads pushed a narrative that congressional Republicans were betraying “real conservatives.”

“Some Trump supporters see midterm losses for congressional republicans [sic] as a wake-up call to get serious on the wall,” a post read.


Another post included a link to an article about disappointed populist Republicans and the need to “send a message” because “Trump is failing us.”

One series of ads told voters that there were “No good choices” in the midterm elections. Voting for Democrats to send a message “feels like the best option,” the Democratic operatives wrote.

Other ads linked to an article that urged “Semi-Trumpers” to either cross party lines, vote third-party or stay home in November, rather than vote Republican. “Even more true in light of the recent violence,” read the caption. “If you aren’t helping, don’t show up.”

A similar set of ads linked to an article that called for Republican voters to boycott the GOP. The post was captioned: “I hope folks go for this. Seems like the only thing that can save true conservatives.”

“Watch the liberals. Listen to what they say, because their lies and their slanders are a road map to their plans for the future,” said a prescient Kurt Schlichter at Townhall in March of 2017.

Seems like Mikey Dickerson and his deep-pocketed pal Reid Hoffman broke all speed limits as they zoomed down that road to the 2017 Alabama special election and 2018 midterms.



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