Wisconsin Police Searching for Yawning Thief Who Stole a Cart Full of Red Bull

Yawning man steals cart full of Red Bull. Image via Facebook.

Police in Burlington, Wisconsin, are looking for a very tired thief who stole a cart full of Red Bull over the weekend.  The unidentified man was caught on surveillance video yawning repeatedly as he rolled boxes of the energy drink out of a grocery store without paying. The Great Red Bull Heist happened at around 1:38 p.m. Saturday, police say.


The Burlington Police Department released photos of the man on Facebook on Monday, asking for tips.

“Stealing can be exhausting….Which is probably why this guy can’t stop yawning and why he has nearly $250 worth of stolen Red Bull in his cart!” the police wrote.

A commenter on their Facebook page claims to have seen him: “I remember saying ‘Hey Dad, look at how much frickin Red Bull that guys (sic) bought!’ Haha. I wish I could recall his license plate because he parked right by us…”

Another commenter wondered if he had been sleepwalking.


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