Shock: Naked Man Sightings Explode Across Nation

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Perhaps it’s due to the warm weather or perhaps it’s the opioid epidemic, but incidents involving demented and often violent naked men seem to be on the rise across the nation.


In just the past month, residents in California, Kansas, Illinois, Arizona, New Jersey, Houston, and Nevada have been shocked to see naked and agitated men in their neighborhoods, acting in bizarre and, in some cases, threatening manners.

On Wednesday, a suspected car thief led police on a chase that ended in a standoff “when the man climbed a crane at the Port of Los Angeles and got naked.”

The man spent about three hours on the crane and eventually took all his clothes off around 8.p.m.

During the standoff, the man was seen walking around, waving, twitching and even doing calisthenics on the narrow ledge of the crane. A SWAT team eventually approached the man in the China Shipping Yard and tried to coax him down safely.

About 9:30, the man either fell or jumped to his death, landing on a container ship, police said.

This past Sunday, a naked homeless man in a wheelchair was caught on video harassing shoppers at a Los Angeles supermarket.

In Lawrence, Kansas, earlier this month, “scores of people” were left speechless when 34-year-old Kyle Carlson nonchalantly decided to walk down the street completely in the buff. Carlson was promptly arrested, but immediately shed his clothes again when he was let out of jail later in the day.

Police say around two Sunday afternoon they first spotted Carlson in the nude by all the popular restaurants and shops.

Officers cited Carlson for indecent exposure, fined him $500.00 and then let him go.

“He was definitely in his birthday suit. It must have been his birthday. We don’t know,” added an intrigued Megan Engleman.

However, about two-and-a-half hours later, more disbelief.

Police say a cab driver told them after he picked up Carlson from the Douglas County jail he took him back downtown.

The driver told police when Carlson couldn’t pay his fare, the Riley, Kansas man suddenly took off all his clothes, left them in the driver’s taxi and then just took off again – naked!

“Why would anyone do that? It just doesn’t make any sense. He must have thought he was displaying art,” said another woman who just couldn’t stop laughing.


In Manitowoc, Wisconsin, last month, 32-year old Travis Tingler (yes, that’s his real name) accidentally set his chest hair on fire after he was arrested for public indecency. The naked Tingler reportedly stood outside his girlfriend’s house “shouting and threatening to hurt the people inside.”

When police arrived, they tried and failed to get Tingler back into his pants, so they handcuffed him. As they struggled to put him in the police car, Tingler picked up a lighter off the ground, and a probe from an officer’s stun gun struck the lighter, igniting Tingler’s chest and beard hairs. An officer was able to pat the fire out.

In July, Chicago police had their hands full with a drug-addled customer who cut his own PENIS off in front of an elementary school before police tasered him.

Harrowing footage shows the distressed man — believed to be high on acid or synthetic drugs — screaming at residents trapped in their Chicago garden.

Grim footage shows a naked man covered in blood screaming at residents before charging at cops.

The heavily bleeding man had moments earlier cut his penis off. He was seen strolling down the road before sprinting at a Chicago police officer.

He shouts nonsense before turning to police who rushed to the corner of Grace Street and Drake Avenue yesterday.

Heavily bleeding from his crotch, he is filmed walking towards cops just opposite a primary school.

Onlookers can be heard screaming “calm down” before he dramatically charges towards a female officer screaming “get outta here b****”.

She quickly draws her taser and shouts at him to “get on the ground” before she fires and the naked man is floored behind her squad car.


In Tempe, Arizona, police arrested a 49-year-old man who was seen streaking inside a Walmart store on July 7.

Officers located 49-year-old Robert Kanoff across the street completely naked, only wearing shoes.

Police say Kanoff admitted to ingesting drugs earlier and said he was dropped off by two people who “thought it would be funny for him to be naked.”

Kanoff reportedly admitted to walking into the Wal-Mart as well.

He was arrested on charges of public sexual indecency, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, and possession of dangerous drugs.

In another harrowing incident, an armed naked man in Las Vegas was shot by cops last week during a standoff outside a church filled with children.

Jason Funke, 25, was hit in the shoulder as he ran away from officers towards a gun he left on the ground a minute earlier, police have said.

Cops were called to a church after reports of a naked man with a handgun.

In a press conference assistant sheriff Todd Fasulo said cops reacted quickly knowing kids were inside Life Springs Church and Academy.

In Houston last month, a naked man wielding a stolen pesticide sprayer slapped a Houston Police officer before being subdued with a Taser and arrested.

It happened on the afternoon of June 6, at the METRO Fannin South Transit Center. Police say Keith Dean, 49, was walking naked down a street when a Good Samaritan tried to give him a towel to cover-up.
Dean then asked him for his watch.
The Good Samaritan gave him his watch in an effort to calm him down.

Witnesses say Dean then ran away from the man and into the METRO train.


He was charged with two counts of assault-bodily injury of a public servant.

A 39-year-old man in New Jersey really let his freak flag fly.

Stephen Kurkowiak of Amsterdam, N.Y., was wearing only a baseball hat when he was spotted using a sex toy on the side of the road.

When police arrived, they allegedly saw him using a sex toy about five yards from the road.

Kurkowiak told officers he knew drivers on the road could see him, according to a news release from Mahwah Police Chief James Batelli.

Kurkowiak carried a digital camera and explained to officers that he enjoyed getting naked and that he intended to film himself.

Sorry — no video available on that one.

But here’s a video taken by an appalled neighbor of a fat man in New Jersey who rode his bike home completely in the buff:

Another amateur photog took this video of a naked man in a parking lot at 7:30 a.m. “Wtf? Just say no to drugs folks,” the YouTuber wrote.

What is happening out there???



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