Michael Savage Threatens to Withhold Support for Trump Over Cruz National Enquirer Story

One of Donald Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters is threatening to withdraw his support for the GOP front-runner unless he disassociates himself from the CEO of the National Enquirer.


Syndicated radio talk show host Michael Savage said on his show Friday that, according to a source he would trust with his life, the lurid National Enquirer story accusing Ted Cruz of having affairs with five women is false.

Savage was particularly sensitive to the smear because he claims to have been a victim of “assassination by innuendo” over his entire career. “It is not pretty to live through this garbage,” Savage said heatedly.

He went on to note that the Enquirer is run by David Pecker—a close friend of Trump.

“David Pecker flies to Florida from New York on Trump’s private jet,” Savage said. He also claimed his friend told him that “Pecker is personally involved with the anti-Cruz stories.”

Savage continued, “If Trump finds out that this Pecker is behind it, he should get rid of his connection. Because this is not going to help him at all.” He added that “in my opinion this is utter garbage and Cruz is rightly offended. This is assassination by innuendo.”


Savage concluded his monologue by saying, “It’s important you hear this. I’ve supported Trump and probably still will, but if he won’t disavow Pecker and this story, I may withdraw support from anyone in this campaign…. I will not support anyone who engages in assassination by innuendo.”


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