Open Thread: Ask Mark Rippetoe Your Questions About Strength Training

Mark Rippetoe, the celebrated author of strength training bible Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training and three other classic strength training books — Practical Programming for Strength Training, Strong Enough? Thoughts on Thirty Years of Barbell Training, and Mean Ol’ Mr. Gravity — will be joining us live today to answer any questions you might have on his topics of expertise.


Rip was a competitive powerlifter himself for ten years, and has since coached many lifters and athletes and given seminars to thousands around the country.

Mark will be answering questions live from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST. Ask Mark anything — from beginner to elite level topics — by submitting a comment to this article.

For more background information: Rippetoe has been writing a series of excellently received, introductory-level strength training articles for PJ Media lately. His articles are drawing hundreds of thousands of readers. If you haven’t seen them yet, click on the below links to get yourself up to speed — some of your questions may already have been answered by Mark, either in the articles or the comments:

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Be sure to check out all of Mark’s Amazon book pages, linked above. And if you’re ready to set up that garage gym, check out the Burgener and Rippetoe Barbell. It’s designed to Mark’s specifications, and is now available at Rogue Fitness.

Now: submit those questions!


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