There Is Only One Electoral Issue

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There is now only one pivotal issue at stake in the forthcoming election. It is not policy, it is not China, it is not COVID-19, it is not “character,” it is not Hunter Biden and “the laptop from Hell,” it is not the composition of the electoral base, it is not the make-up of the Electoral College, it is not fracking. The issue that may decide the outcome of the presidential contest is none of these. It is nothing other than electoral fraud. Election fraud is epidemic. Joe Biden appears to agree, informing us that he has “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Of course, Joe is arguably suffering from some sort of mental collapse and probably meant to say something else, but sometimes a slip is an unpremeditated revelation.


Nobody in his or her right mind doubts even for a moment that a corrupt and illegal covert operation is underway to steal the vote for the Democrats. It is so obvious as to be considered almost pro forma, as no big deal, as an integral part of the natural political world, as predictable and unavoidable as a periodic solar eclipse when the world is cast into darkness. As a Democrat operator confessed, “fraud is more the rule than the exception.”

The evidence is overwhelming: vote harvesting; mail-in ballots; fraudulent use of absentee ballots; extended voting; “granny farming”; off-limits satellite voting offices as in Philadelphia where Republican observers are not permitted; deceased voters remaining on the rolls; illegal voters, multiple voting; and spoiled and discarded ballots favoring the president (as he himself noted in his “protest” rallies).

The vast extent of this nefarious scheme may go some way to explaining what appears to be Democrat confidence in the results, regardless of having fielded two uninspiring, tedious, plainly unfit and mendacious candidates in Biden and Harris. Trump addresses thousands of flag-waving supporters. Biden addresses a sparsely attended parking lot. The Democrats do not seem embarrassed. It’s as if they expect to win notwithstanding.


Of course, they have the lying media with them, the censoring Tech giants, the outrageously partisan debate moderators, the dummy polls spuriously Democrat-weighted, the billionaire class, the vendu academy, the Hollywood mob, the indoctrinated youth cohort, the clamorous minority and, indeed, the entire left-wing political and cultural establishment—these already represent a substantial anti-Republican voting bloc.

But given the fact of a successful and dedicated incumbent president, the blue-collar vote, the small business vote, the Middle America vote, the almost complete consensus of heartland America, the immense popular enthusiasm we see at Trump’s public events, and the mandate of the Electoral College, what I call the “sinister” vote would not be nearly enough to overcome the odds. Trump should win handily. Enter voter fraud.

I continue to believe that Trump should, mutatis mutandis, repeat his grand escalator entrance. But if he does win a second term, it may well be a squeaker rather than the approximate landslide an honest and legitimate voting process would have ensured. The Democrats are cheaters from the egg, and if they could not cheat, they would release the Kraken, as their foot soldiers in Antifa and BLM have done for them in a premonitory trailer to the Democrat movie. But for the time being, cheating may suffice.


Essentially, apart from the grinding leftist machine, the Democratic Party has nothing going for it except deception, imposture, swindle, extortion, graft, nepotism, lubricity, treachery, and institutional lying. Having devolved into a burlesque of its former self, it will manipulate the ballot on the largest possible scale to compensate for the lack of public ardor and conviction. It will rely on millions of apocryphal ballots and, wherever possible, the trashing of votes for Trump, to make up for its dismal record on domestic and foreign policy. Its confidence may not be entirely misplaced.

Trump has thus far shown himself capable of meeting adversity with resolute tenacity—few presidents have had to function in so petty, vicious and tempestuous a climate—but voter fraud may be his greatest challenge yet. I hope he has arrived at an effective strategy of dealing with it, via litigation or other means. But time is pressing and I suspect he will need every in-person vote he can get. In short, he will need all the help available from his exuberant base and patriotic Americans who understand that not only a second term for Trump but the long-term existence of the republic as we know it hangs in the balance. 



David Solway’s most recent book is “Notes from a Derelict Culture,” Black House. London, 2019.



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