Actually, 'Love Wins' Wants Hate to Win

A “Love Wins” post-election rally in Charlotte, N.C., was not the apolitical love-fest it pretended to be. Instead, it was a partisan gathering where liberals do what they always do: they demand tolerance of their aberrant views and label anyone who disagrees with them a hater.


As reported by the Charlotte Observer, women from the pro-Hillary Clinton social media group Pantsuit Nation organized the event “to reach across political, racial, religious and other barriers and overcome the fear and anger that accompanied the presidential campaign and its aftermath.”

That alone speaks volumes. What were the causes of the “fear and anger” in the presidential campaign? Who failed to reach across “political, racial, and religious barriers”?

The rally speakers implied that Donald Trump and his supporters were the cause of all the hate and discontent during this political season. But were they? Or did liberals just perceive it to be “hateful” because it didn’t comport with their politically correct agenda?

I’d say it’s the latter. As liberals always do, they define what love is and then accuse others of hate when they don’t conform to that definition. They tell you what “human decency” looks like, and if you don’t comply, you’re a horrible person.

Let me give you a few examples.

Here in North Carolina, we’ve been fighting over the passage of House Bill 2, which tells North Carolinians that if they want to use a public restroom or locker room, they have to use the one that complies with their biological sex. In other words, even if a man is feeling like a woman one day, he can’t simply walk into the girl’s locker room on a state university campus and strip down. He has to use the men’s locker room.


Sounds pretty logical, right? Recognizing the privacy rights of the two sexes is something we’ve been doing for, well, centuries, but all of a sudden the progressive left decided that our sex is fluid. Men can become women, women can become men. No longer are there just two sexes — there are several in-between. It’s a ridiculous notion, of course, because it rejects mental illness and chemical imbalances as the cause of gender dysphoria and legitimizes it as “identity,” thereby justifying body mutilation as treatment. It also forces the rest of society to embrace an individual’s fantasy as truth, resulting in a collective mass delusion regarding sexual identity.

Those of us who support House Bill 2 and see the violation of privacy rights to be a serious matter have been labeled “haters.” Because we don’t want to open public bathrooms to the opposite sex, we’re discriminating against the LGBT community. We’re bigots. We want hate to win, not love.

The same is true regarding same-sex marriage. If you reject redefining marriage from the union of a man and a woman — and the product of that union, a child — to a “loving relationship” that could include any combination of people, then somehow, you hate gay people. Once again, you’re a bigot. Love only wins when you comply with the liberal agenda, not if you believe in certain principles that you think are actually good for individuals and society as a whole.


Issues of race are also twisted to mean what liberals what them to mean. If you believe a black police officer had every right and obligation to shoot a gun-toting black man, then you’re a racist, and you hate black people. Your city deserves to burn.

If you believe immigrants should abide by our federal immigration laws and if they don’t then they need to be deported, you’re a bigot who hates Hispanics. If you believe that keeping America safe is a priority and immigrants from hotbeds of terrorism need to be thoroughly vetted before coming across our borders, you’re an evil white supremacist who hates Muslims. Love only wins when you open your home to everyone, even if they’ve been trained to strap bombs to themselves and blow up children at a sporting event.

I’ll take it one step further. If you believe that Islam itself is a militant religion that can’t co-exist with the U.S. Constitution, except in a secular form (which Islamists reject as not being true Islam), then you’re a bigot who hates Muslims. Liberalism defines and labels you. You want hate to win, not love.

This strategy of the left to box in conservatives has been going on for decades, and it continues to go on with shameless audacity. During the next four years, we’re going to hear a lot about “love” and “tolerance,” but these are merely code words for “if you support a policy that pushes against the liberal agenda, then you’re supporting hate and intolerance.”


Anything that opposes the LGBT, pro-choice, open borders, climate change, or a propagandized “civil rights” agenda will be classified as hate. It’s important for those on the right to guard against getting emotionally and psychologically caught in this trap. They need to push back against this emotional bullying by those who want to redefine love. When you hear “love wins,” know that it really means “liberalism wins.”

After the election of Donald Trump, I had breakfast with a liberal friend of mine. During the campaign, she was quite hostile to me, calling my positions bigoted and basically doing what liberals often do — trashing our founding principles as oppressive ideas created by racist white men. She showed little “tolerance” for my views and, frankly, a lot of actual hate.

Her tune changed, though, after Trump’s win. Over coffee, she said she shouldn’t have been so harsh during the campaign, that we need to come together now. I agreed, encouraged by the possibility that my friend might be learning something. But then she said:

What we need in this nation is more tolerance. We need to build bridges and show love.

I didn’t fall for the ploy. I answered gently:

No, I disagree. What we need in this nation is more commitment to truth and right principles. While we should always strive to love and accept people, it is our responsibility as creatures made in God’s image to reject false ideas and fight evil. Tolerance for tolerance sake will lead to our own destruction. The most loving thing we can do for one another is do what is right and promote ideas that are good. But before we can do that, we need to agree that there is such a thing as right and wrong. As long as we live in a society that calls evil, good and good, evil, then we can have no real love or tolerance. We have only intimidation, manipulation, and ultimately oppression.


I’d say the same thing to the ladies from Pantsuit Nation and any other liberal calling for “bridge-building” and “love” now that they’re in a less powerful position.

Love is important and necessary in interpersonal relationships, but bad ideas need to be called out, opposed, and soundly rejected. We need to foster mutual affection in the civil society, but we can’t have a civil society if we tolerate ideas that undermine true justice and liberty. The bridges we build must be firmly anchored in a common commitment to true principles, not mere tolerance or a false notion of “love.”

Letting Muslims flood into the U.S. from dangerous regions is bad. Changing the definition of marriage is harmful to family sovereignty in relation to the state. Opening up women’s public bathrooms to men endangers those we love. Encouraging riots in the streets because of false narratives about police shootings is evil. Allowing illegal immigrants to break our laws destabilizes our country. Expanding the powers of the federal government threatens the liberty of all.

These ideas and policies must be opposed. When that happens love truly does win, because love can’t be separated from the good. A society that peddles lies as truth and supports policies that undermine justice and liberty is a bankrupt society. In that world, love never wins.



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