Tom Cruise's Pimp Hand Was Strong

Manolo says, on the occasion of the actress Katie Holmes announcing her divorce from her husband of six years, the petite superstar, Tom Cruise, the Manolo is reminded of something that he noticed when the romance was in full blossom seven years ago. Tom Cruise’s body language was most peculiar, it was, the Manolo noted at the time, as if he were “trying to choke the Xenu right out of her.”

Here are the few samples…

Tom Cruise, muy macho.
Tom Cruise, muy macho.
Tom Cruise, muy macho.

Yes, Tom Cruise’s pimp hand was strong.

Indeed, over and over again, at least the dozen times, Tom Cruise was photographed grabbing Katie Holmes by the neck, so many times, and so hard, that the Manolo began to refer to it as the “Death Grip of Super Masculinity”.

It was very peculiar, and clearly did not bode well for the long term viability of this marriage.

Of the course, the Manolo has more thoughts at his humble shoe blog, including who he thinks will be next for Tom.