Death Drinks Tea at the White House

Thank God my mother isn’t pro-abortion; otherwise I might not be here. “You’re almost 37,” the doctor told her, “are you sure you want to start all over again?” When that line of thinking comes from a woman who declares she never wants kids, it’s selfish. When it comes from a medical professional, it’s crass. It’s downright evil when it comes from a politician. And when it comes from a supposedly non-profit bureaucrat defending “women’s health.” it’s horrifying.

After listening to Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards defend the actions of her employees, including the facial dissection of living babies for their brains, Congress passed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. President Obama vows to veto that bill along with another one that bans the murder of babies born alive after an unsuccessful abortion. I can’t decide who he’s a bigger fan of, Josef Mengele or Ted Bundy. Onan Coca refers to Obama as “one of the most ardently  pro-death politicians our nation has ever seen/” And Obama has a slew of Americans, women included, supporting him in his deathly endeavors.

At least most abortion advocates are women who don’t want children in the first place. Good. Don’t conceive them. Because once you do and you choose to destroy your creation, you’ve transitioned from selfish to destructive, from narcissistic to nihilistic. You’ve admitted that nothing really matters, and when nothing really matters, you don’t really matter, either. Comedian Margaret Cho referred to an unborn life as a “clump of cells.” If we follow that line of thinking, so is she. Therefore, what gives her any more right to live than that aborted child? Nothing. And when “nothing” is your ethos, Death isn’t merely at your doorstep; it’s already been invited in for a cup of tea.

Apparently, Death drinks frequently at the White House. Obama not only signs away the lives of the unborn and deigned unmeant to be born, he has signed away millions of lives across the Arabian Peninsula. By cutting a deal with Iran and bowing to Putin’s orders in Syria, Obama has laid the groundwork for a Middle Eastern civil war of epic proportions. He’s written off millions of Arab lives and held a knife to Israel’s throat. He’s also disregarding the lives of our soldiers by risking the inevitability that we will somehow be drawn into this conflict. Thanks to him, the war with radical Islam has already expanded on our own territory. His answer to this and other crimes committed on our soil? Disarm the citizenry so they cannot defend themselves against such attacks. Obama loves Death so much that he’s written off the lives of those who put him into power. And he doesn’t care, because we’re all just clumps of cells that he can do with as he pleases.

“I have set before you life and death; choose life so that you may live,” God tells Israel, a ragtag group of outcasts and rebels, former slaves of a pagan regime who’ve been handed an instruction manual on how not to screw up the freedom they’ve been granted. We have become so mired in the false belief that we create our own freedom, that we are the source of our own liberation that when we say “Pro-Choice” we really mean “We choose Death.” This is what happens when you turn your back on God. You choose death. You choose your own destruction.

This isn’t a religious nut’s argument, condemnation or proclamation of hellfire and damnation. This is simple logic. When a person (or a president) demonstrates a track record of Death-driven action, the inevitability is simple: they are paving a one-way path to the edge of a cliff and expecting you to jump off. It is your responsibility to turn on them, to call them out, to change direction. Your job is to choose life. Communal decisions start as individual choices.

Abraham bargained with God for the sake of the righteous in Sodom and Gomorrah. I wonder who will be doing the bargaining for us. If Obama and his supporters have their way there won’t be anyone around to plead to God for mercy. Then again, perhaps that’s the point.