How to Handle a Dad Who is a Total Tech Geek


My husband is a huge tech geek. Therefore, as soon as we started talking about having kids he began researching what he thought was the obvious: Baby monitors, of course. And the stroller/car seat combo along with any other device that had convert-to-age capabilities. Before this child was in my womb he’d already made his shopping list. And apparently he’s not alone.


If you want a glimpse inside your man’s head during pregnancy, because God knows he’s not going to share his roller coaster of emotions with you, check out A thoughtful combination of practical Dad advice, how-to’s and product reviews, Instafather provides free subscribers with email updates featuring a slew of well-researched information. The best part: It’s written in manspeak. No leaky boobs, no stress hormones: We’re talking the practical side of baby raising, with a fair share of compassion for mom thrown in along with a dose of humor for good measure.

My personal favorite is the Expectant Father Toolkit, an A-Z covering the basic products every Dad should make sure he has on hand. From Butt Paste to “wearable baby gear” (“I use it to get dishes and vacuuming done, but it’s also perfect for a mall or Lowe’s!”), this 101 guide covers the stuff he probably hasn’t already thought of, but will relish using.

What’s behind the site? Curator Andy Shaw explains:

What’s going to help? My handy, super useful (and funny) resources I put together after I did all the legwork for you. I’ve read the books and best articles, studied the “Top Lists”, and narrowed it down to the info you’ll most benefit from. My quick background: I’m a journalist, digital market, comedian, and dad of three (twins in May 2015!), so this content is combining the best of everything I do.


Shaw also has a keen understanding of what it really means to be a Dad: “BEING A DAD IS VITAL TO THE VERY CORE OF YOUR BEING BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE DEPENDS ON YOU TO THE VERY CORE OF THEIR OWN.” Ladies, read the entire article with a tissue in your hand. Then give your hubs a hug. Underneath that grown up version of rough and tumble boyhood is a really mature guy who is so excited to have a baby that he can’t help but want to do it all right.


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