Baby Weasel Hitches a Ride...on the Back of a Woodpecker

This is a cut above your usual clickbait — and besides, baby mammals are soooo cute (except maybe baby hippos, which are even uglier than adults).

A photographer in England got this shot while strolling through a park in East London:

British photographer Martin Le May captured an incredible, real-life image while strolling through a park in East London—that of a baby weasel astride the back of a green woodpecker, holding on for dear life, like a miniature (and stupidly adorable) rendition of Bastian and Falkor from The NeverEnding Story


Naturally, the marriage of Twitter and Photoshop produced instant classics:




Again, that damn dress.

Why did the little critter take his life in his hands? He was probably hungry:

That weasel is trying to murder that woodpecker.

How do we know? It’s all in the form. This fearless little flier appears to be gently nuzzling the neck of his winged steed, it is more than likely trying to gnaw through a spinal cord. Even the tiniest of weasels—Mustela nivalis, or “the least weasel,” weighs in at an average of five ounces—are bloodthirsty carnivores. And their preferred method of attack is a devastating bite to the neck, severing the jugular vein; after which it will unceremoniously drag the carcass back to its den. Like a tiny jaguar.

Sort of like cats, I guess. Felines are beautiful creatures, but lurking behind that cute little kitten face is a ferocious, implacable carnivore. That baby weasel is cute as a button — but if you try to pet it, it will probably take your fingers off.

I hope the little one has a parachute ’cause ain’t no way the woodpecker is going to land with it on its back.


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