Obamacare Video Stereotypes Gay Men, Promotes Risky Behavior to 'Get Enrolled'

Set aside any feelings of offense at this video for just a moment.

Now imagine with me. Instead of gay men in their underwear, we have the Marlboro Man out on the open prairie. With the Star of Bethlehem twinkling in the night sky, the Marlboro Man passes out cartons of cigarettes to his young cattle hands. In the background we hear a gruff old voice singing, “Before the doctor brings a lump of coal, get enrolled, get enrolled, get enrolled…”

Then again we could have a chorus line of Biggest Loser contestants all stuffing triple-stacker hamburgers in their faces, dripping catsup down their ugly Christmas sweaters. Everyone juggling and gulping to the chorus of doctors singing, “Pre-existing conditions won’t stop ’em…whether silver, bronze or gold… get enrolled, get enrolled, get enrolled…”

Or would you prefer prancing women, scantily clad, seducing men while their pimps holds up the mistletoe?

Out2Enroll is stereotyping gay men, stripping them down to nothing more than their sexuality in this video. A promiscuous gay lifestyle can be deadly. Most of us don’t encourage unhealthy behavior in the people we love, whether it’s risky sexual behavior or smoking. Who gives their favorite diabetic aunt a pound of chocolate and coupon for insulin for Christmas?

Then again, that’s exactly what cultural Marxism does; it destroys the very people it claims to help.