Is Game of Thrones Good Or Bad For Fantasy?

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The Independent: “George RR Martin defends sexual violence in Game of Thrones

The debate about sexual violence in Game of Thrones has been ongoing since the TV series began, but has been reignited in the current fourth season after popular character Jaime Lannister was shown forcing himself on his sister Cersei.

The scene was particularly controversial because it wasn’t portrayed as rape in Martin’s account.

But Martin, who has worked as TV writer since the early Eighties, said he understood the show’s creators would want to make their own artistic choices for the books to work in a different medium.

“The graphic novels and television programmes are in the hands of others, who make their own artistic choices as to what sort of approach will work best in their respective mediums,” he said.

He added that many scenes in his books are intended to disturb the reader, and would apply the same principle to the TV show.

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