The Search for Proof of God's Existence

An email in response to this PJ Lifestyle article:

Good Day Dave,

Great PJMedia article. Since you asked for suggestions I’m writing you one for your Spiritual Life #7.

You might enjoy this book, More and More unto a Perfect Day by Ray Harvey. It is a novel about happiness and one man’s goal of finding definitive proof of God.

It is a very philosophical book.


Official Description from Amazon:

Publication Date: March 1, 2010

Nothing is as it seems under the sharp western sun. After recovering from an enigmatic and near-fatal illness, Gasteneau, a man with an iron will, suddenly glimpses something so extraordinary and so horrific that he feels his life irrevocably altered. But did he really see what he thinks he saw? In the aftermath of his sickness, he is drawn deeper into a resolution he made just prior to getting sick: to seek out a piece of evidence that shows with certainty God’s hand at work upon the earth. But in seeking this evidence, he finds instead that he’s growing more and more obsessed by the loss of his mother, whom he barely knew, and is pursued as well by a ghostly figure in black and a feeling of hypochondria he can neither shake, nor fully define. Part mystery story, part literary crime, More and More unto the Perfect Day is at its core a tale of philosophical intrigue, a metaphysical thriller that combines the surreal descriptions of Nabokov with the psychological complexity of Dostoevsky. The result is a novel of dreamlike strangeness and philosophical power.


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