Model Chrissy Teigen Attacks Trump Spox Katrina Pierson on Twitter

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen attacked Katrina Pierson on Twitter Sunday morning, suggesting that Donald Trump’s spokeswoman is selling her soul for money.

Teigen, who is married to singer John Legend, started her Twitter rant by saying (sarcastically) that she can “relate” to Pierson because she would also be “an incredibly horrible choice of a campaign spokesperson.”

Teigen doesn’t give any specifics, but Pierson’s doublespeak defense of Trump’s apparent switcheroo on immigration last week may have set the model off. During a CNN panel Pierson said, “He hasn’t changed his position on immigration, he changed the words that he is saying.”

Teigen’s claws really came out with the next tweet. She suggested that Pierson was only in it for the money and gushed about how “strong” she must be to handle such a tough job.

[Some would say that a person who takes her clothes off for money is selling her soul, but that’s a discussion for another day.]

The model followed that sentiment up with a clip from “The Office” where Darryl Philbin is trying to talk supervisor Michael Scott down from the ledge. He tells him he’s is a “very brave man” and calls him “Braveheart.” He says, “It takes courage just to be you…to get out of bed every single day knowing full well you gotta be you.”

Pierson responded exactly as expected:


No, actually, Pierson’s response was pretty classy:

This isn’t the first time Teigen has gone after the Trump campaign on Twitter.

See next page for a few gems:

That one was quickly fact-checked by her followers. Trump’s histrionics about his small hands actually began with an editor at Vanity Fair who wrote about Trump’s hands in a Spy magazine article—more than 25 years ago. Take the time to read it if you haven’t already. The Republican nominee holds a grudge like nobody’s business.

And then there’s this one…

Yeah, we noticed. Maybe Chrissy ought to stick to things she knows, like telling us all how to get sand out of a micro-bikini when you’re on some exotic island or how to walk in stilettos without breaking your neck.