Netflix Animates the Founding Fathers and It's Worse Than You Could Imagine

Screenshot from trailer.

My friend Brett Smith, who is an incredibly talented artist and author, tweeted out Netflix’s newest attempt to rewrite American history with some sage observations. I warn you, this preview is going to make you mad.

This is what happens when Conservatives are Cultural Observers rather than Cultural Creators. The more we refuse to create Pop Culture we see what happens to it. If we are not creating art, animation, movies, graphic novels & TV we know who will create it.

America The Motion Picture is Netflix’s newest woke abomination they’re going to push on us. It’s bad enough imagining the mental gymnastics that have to occur to assemble a woke enough cast of characters with enough token minorities in colonial 1776 to satisfy the 2021 palate, but the absolute shamelessness of these writers to go with “historically accurate” as a selling point is a little hard to believe. I don’t know what I find more upsetting: a female superhero character shouting “SCIENCE!” as she wastes what can only be presumed to be a townsperson with an unfavorable view of manmade global warming, or imagining George Washington, our most famous devout Christian president, using language like “mother-f*cker.”

Now, before you drag out the pitchforks and torches and burn your Netflix subscriptions at the stake, consider that withdrawing from the culture is what got us here in the first place. If you want to know how to reverse this, it isn’t by exiting the mainstream and leaving it to the heathens.

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