Brad Paisley Stuns With Facebook Live Concert During Coronavirus Quarantine

Screenshot via Facebook

Country legend Brad Paisley surprised the world on Thursday night by jumping on Facebook live and Instagram live and performing a concert from his living room. It was a request-only performance with special appearances via video conferencing from Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, and more. This performance is a breath of fresh air after watching celebrities like Ellen Degeneres, Gal Gadot, Jimmy Kimmel, and others just annoy us with off-key virtue signaling and weird card tricks and lectures on Twitter. Hard pass.

Paisley’s performance made me think of wartime entertainment when celebrities cared about the American people and wanted to cheer them up. There’s lots of laughs, uplifting chatter, and beautiful music. Wait for the highlight of the show when Paisley sings the hymn, “In the Garden” — through tears. This is the best thing you will see for a long time. I suggest grabbing a beer and having a date with your honey while you enjoy this free show.

Taking requests live from my house!

Posted by Brad Paisley on Thursday, March 19, 2020

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