This One Photo Perfectly Sums Up Why We Needed Trump's Military Transgender Ban

Twitter is going ape over Trump’s decision not to let transgendered people serve in the military. The virtuous left wants to know why — while clutching their pearls and clucking at us. This one photo sums up the reason better than I ever could.

This is a mental disorder. People who behave like this need to be in a safe facility somewhere with padded rooms. This is not the kind of thing we need running around screwing up the military with its outrage and perpetual offense taking. The military exists to kill people and break things. It is not a social experiment. It is a fighting force. Anything that gets in the way of killing people and breaking things needs to be tossed out. This person needs a doctor who will straighten out her head and help her re-enter civilization where we do not bleed all over ourselves on purpose to shock people. She needs basic home-training, not basic training.

I’m getting tired of treating our military like some college campus safe space. That is not its purpose. We need to remember what that purpose is and get out of the way and let them do it. Hunt and kill ISIS. The rest of this garbage can have its own reality show on TLC but needs to stay out of the military.

Not one to skip a chance at criticizing our president, Never Trumper Ben Shapiro has chimed in to comment on the president’s tweet storm this morning on this topic. When will this stop, Ben? We know you don’t like him. This is getting boring. Take the win, son.

There is no argument that this is a huge win for cultural conservatism which is desperately trying to roll back eight years of unfettered insanity. People like Shapiro really need to just admit that Trump is doing more for us than any conservative president in recent memory when it comes to the cultural fight. Stop it with the constant nitpicking and recognize he’s fighting hard for sanity.

And sanity is very hard to come by these days:

“I remember sharing for the first time with a friend of mine that I wasn’t able to wear my binder that day because I was on my period and my boobs had swelled up so much that it made it hard to breathe,” Clemmer told HuffPost. “We had been friends for awhile and she’s a feminist activist, but when I realized that not even she had considered what it was like for people like me to experience bleeding on a (ir)regular basis I knew that I had to go public with my story to help shift the mindset around tying periods to womanhood and femininity. Not all people who menstruate are women, and not all women menstruate.”

This person should not be in the military, nor should anyone else suffering these delusions. That person in the photograph above is obviously a girl. Everyone sees it but her. Trump is right. We cannot sacrifice military strength and victory in order to cater to ill people. God bless and keep them, but stay out of the military. Instead, they can focus on “educating” people about men who have periods on college campuses — where reality doesn’t exist and no one will care.

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