Rebecca Watson: 'Planned Parenthood Is Not Selling Baby Parts, You F*cking Idiots'

An unknown (not for long) blogger by the name of “SkepChick” (or Rebecca Watson) has written a profanity-laced screed titled “Planned Parenthood is Not Selling Baby Parts, You F*cking Idiots,” accompanied by a snarky video to defend the scavenging of aborted baby organs by Planned Parenthood that by now, we have all seen on undercover video. Chunky hipster glasses aside, her explanation for what you have seen is one of the ugliest yet. This is the classic “You didn’t see what you thought you saw so forget you saw it and believe me instead” explanation of the Left. They have done this successfully so many times that they think it’s going to work again. It’s not. Here are the reasons this article and Watson’s crappy lie-filled defense are going to flop…spectacularly.

1. Baby parts are not necessary for medical advancement.

Rebecca begins:

90% of [abortions] are in the first trimester when it’s about size of a kidney bean, so they do see some pieces of fetal tissue. Which are just going to be thrown away in the garbage, but which the patient can instead choose to donate to important medical research.

First, thank you, Rebecca, for pointing out that countless babies are tossed out like garbage. If you think that makes Planned Parenthood look good, please keep it coming. What kind of medical research is she talking about? The kind that yields no results. From Breitbart [emphasis mine]:

Dr. Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians (ACPEDS), actually goes one step further. 

“Let’s be clear: selling organs of aborted babies for fetal tissue research is unnecessary and prolongs human suffering…Fetal tissue research, like embryonic stem cell research, has failed to produce a single successful treatment for human disease, and both have been associated with significant side-effects including overgrowth of cells and the need for immunosuppressive chemotherapy… Adult stem cell research, in contrast, has yielded treatments for 73 different diseases including several forms of cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, cardiac disease, autoimmune illnesses and more. Adult stem cells do not overgrow or require immunosuppression, and most importantly, they do not require the killing of innocent human life.”

I can hear Watson screeching like a vampire being doused in garlic holy water: “You’re quoting Breitbart News!!!”  So if that doesn’t do it for you, how about CNN, which admits that although the polio vaccine was created with fetal kidney tissue, other human cells that don’t require crushing a baby to death are now used with technology that wasn’t available when the vaccine was made. CNN has doctors admitting they don’t really need fetal tissue  (or dead baby parts) and can use cord blood or adult stem cells instead.

The use of fetal tissue may also be supplanted in some cases by cells from umbilical cord blood [according to] Amy Hudson, associate professor of microbiology and molecular genetics at Medical College of Wisconsin

Further googling reveals zero huge advancements using fetal tissue dead baby parts, just a bunch of worthless experimentation. Do you know what most people call that? Unethical human experimentation. We should ask ourselves if any advancement is worth the cost. Rebecca continues,

How dare Planned Parenthood allow women to aid in the research and treatment of conditions like H.I.V. and Parkinson’s disease, when instead those women could just be throwing that tissue in the garbage!

Dead baby parts have not cured AIDS or Parkinson’s (a thing they have been promising us for decades). Further, a Google search of “fetal tissue treatment for Parkinson’s” brought up one article from 1990 in the New York Times titled “Fetal Tissue Seems to Aid Parkinson Patient.” Since then, nothing that Google can find. You would think if fetal tissue dead baby parts had created some amazing treatment for Parkinson’s patients, we would certainly know about it. As noted by CNN,  adult stem cells, where no killing is required, yield the most exciting discoveries in medical science and a simple online search finds hundreds of success stories in 2015, not 1990. Here’s a guy who couldn’t walk, but now can, no fetal tissue dead baby parts required!

2. The videos are not misleading.

This is their favorite excuse. The videos are “edited.” Watson whines:

And then there’s the fact that the group releasing this video are some of the same people who worked for the group Live Action, which is best known for…editing together misleading videos attacking Planned Parenthood.

The Center for Medical Progress has put all the unedited footage on its website so…..not edited. There are hours and hours. Feel free to watch it, Rebecca. Is the charge that CMP edited in someone else besides Planned Parenthood butchers cheerfully chirping, “It’s another boy!” while tearing dead baby legs apart? Because that’s just crazy. You don’t like what they got caught saying, I’m sure, but don’t insult our intelligence with stupid lies.

3. Planned Parenthood does NOT perform cancer screenings.

Well, now it’s 2015 and an organization that is mostly responsible for making sure poor women have access to basic medical care, including cancer screenings, checkups, and birth control, are accused of convincing women to abort their babies and then tearing them into parts and selling them on the black market.

Lila Rose took this lie down handily a few years ago. Whenever Planned Parenthood gets called out for barbaric and illegal practices (like telling a minor to cross state lines for an illegal abortion without her parents’ knowledge) they drag out the old cancer screening/mammogram lie for damage control. Except not one Planned Parenthood office anywhere has a mammogram machine. It’s true they sell a ton of birth control (not free, by the way) just like the thousands of public health clinics that don’t kill babies and sell off their organs. And it may be that 3% of their business is abortion (although I doubt it), but over 90% of their profit comes from those abortions. Abortions aren’t free. As for the last part of this ridiculous lie, Planned Parenthood absolutely is tearing the product of those abortions (dead babies) into parts and selling them. We watched them do it, gleefully, while laughing and eating.

4. Planned Parenthood IS selling dead baby parts.

Watching Watson’s hateful video is hard to do. She claims to have more than two brain cells to rub together, but then she goes on to insist that the parts for sale aren’t baby parts. She doesn’t explain what kind of parts they are selling. We heard them say “liver, lungs, hearts, kidneys, legs, arms, and brains” and those of us who have ever researched human gestation know that those are the parts of human babies. Is she suggesting that they are chicken parts? Dog parts? What kind of parts are they? “We’re having a fetus!” said no one ever.

The jig is up. People are not “believing the unbelievable” as Watson puts it. We are believing what our eyes have shown us. Legs, arms, hearts, livers, testicles, or in other words, dead baby parts.


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