Naked Man Swims in Shark Tank in Bizarre Prank

Police are searching for a man in Toronto, Canada, who assaulted another person, resulting in bodily harm. David Weaver, 37, of Nelson, British Columbia, reportedly seriously harmed someone outside of Medieval Times on Friday night, and then fled the scene before police arrived. Weaver then headed to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in downtown Toronto, and that’s when things took an odd turn.

Cell phone camera footage from the evening shows Weaver removing his clothing and then diving into the Dangerous Lagoon, which is a giant tank that is home to dozens of marine animals, as well as 17 sharks. Helpless onlookers watched as Weaver casually swam among sea turtles, eels, and tiger sharks, worried that he would surely meet his demise. He then swam to the edge of the tank and did a back dive back into the water.

When Weaver finally climbed out of the tank, he jumped over the gate, put his clothes back on, and left at the request of security. It wasn’t until after this incident that officials made the connection that Weaver had been involved in the Medieval Times assault earlier in the evening. According to the CBC, the aquarium plans to press charges. General manager Peter Doyle said, “An animal’s health and welfare is paramount to what we do so… we plan to press charges to the full extent of the law. Whenever you jump in with wild animals — whether you scare a dog, you scare a shark — it can be very serious.”

Fortunately for the suspect, the animals ignored Weaver the entire time he swam in the tank. You can watch the bizarre incident in the video below.